June 21 is significant as the Sun enters Zero Degree Cancer in the Tropical Zodiac on that day.  It is the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere.  Dec 22 is the date when the Sun enters Capricorn in the Tropical.

Dec 22 was celebrated as the Pagan Festival Of Winter Solstice and June 21 was celebrated as the Festival of Summer Solstice. ( Solstice derives from Sol ( Sun ) and sistere ( to stand). The Sun seems to stand still as he reaches his maximum declination of 23 deg 27 minutes positive on Jun 21 and 23 deg 27 minutes negative on Dec 22 ! )). On Jun 21, the Sun begins his southerly movement in the Tropical Zodiac, Sayana Dakshinayan and on Dec 22, exactly 180 degrees opposite, his northern movement, Sayana Uttarayan.

After moving 3 more degrees or 3 days, the Sun gets resurrected, so to say, on Dec 25th ! After 3 days He, the Sol Invictus, the Invincible Sun, is resurrected !

UN declared June 21st as the International Day of Yoga, adopting an Indian-led resolution and recognising that  "Yoga  provides a holistic approach to health and well being".  This was adopted on Thor's Day or Thursday, the Day of the Guru !

Cancer and Capricorn are the Points of the Summer and Winter Solstice respectively. Hence both Jun 21 and Dec 22 are important dates, as per Astronomy.

All planets revolve around the Sun due to Celestial Gravity, Khagoleeya Guruthvakarshan ! Khagoleeya stands for Celestial, deriving from Khagola, the Celestial Sphere.


While Bhauma Guruthvakarshan, terrestrial gravity, keeps us rooted to the ground, it is Khagoleeya Guruthvakarshan, celestial gravity, which makes the planets revolve. The word Guru is derived from Guruthvakarshan ! Hence Sun becomes the Guru here and his passage through the 12 Zodiacal Signs, the Dwadasa Rasyatmaka Jagath, symbolises the Guru with the 12 disciples. This is the symbolism of the Ashram, with the Guru as the Central Spiritual Sun, around whom the disciples revolve.

Great symbolism is contained in Vedic Sciences. Bharadhwaja prayed for a 1000 years longevity to cognise the heavenly truths contained in the Vedas !

We thank the UN for adopting Jun 21 as International Yoga Day. Hats off to the PM for recommending this date as I Y D.

Unlike the PMs of the Nehruvian Era, it is good to have a PM who is interested in Indian Spirituality !